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Guild bank Info !(patterns etc)

Likhtirh / Nov 20, 2019
To be able to get anything from the website ( i can't check every single request in the bank on website ) .

1. Look at the info you have been provided ( on website )

2. Write a mail to Norsevrb about your request, and say what you need it for!
(this is important)

3. Recieve your item ( most likely ;) ) with CoD in mail

I WILL answer all request , but i won't promise to give you your desired wish.
We do tho intend to fulfill as much as possible.
But if u are looking to empty out the GBank for no reason or to sell on AH, we will find out, and you won't get your stuff!

All the gold that is made on the Gbank, will go toward raids, or achieving end game content!
Be it expensive mats/patterns or even potions.
So we won't be keeping your money so we can buy an epic mount.
Nope , it'll ONLY be used back on the guild, so when u buy something from the guild, you actually empower it! :)

A complete list of stuff we need will come soon, as it has been requested.
But you can always ask an officer if you are in doubt, they will know if we need it.
All essences ( if it has water,earth,fire,air or even undead in it's name, there is a good chance we need it )
Larval acid.
All high lvl enchant mats, or 55+ BoE items
All high level flowers
All high level potions,
But also greater healing/mana potions and above!
Righteous orbs.
Large fang for rage potions.
Fused Wiring ( FOR REPAIR ROBOT ) (drops from Gnomeregan or "Target Dummy")

these are some GBank need but again, you can always ask, we are more than happy to answer u.
U can even ask in here ! :)

Looking forward to tonight raiding with you all, till then take care ! :)


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