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Raiding 101

Lizeta / Kinki / Nov 13, 2019
Raiding is all about having fun, experiencing end game content and killing huge bosses! In Classic this means that we form a group of 40 people of 8 classes. As you may be aware this can cost a lot of organisation time, this is why we have class officers and a raid leader to guide us.

To prepare we really need to make sure that we are organized. for this organization to be succesful, we will need the following:
  • Be on time: Being on time and logging on in advance and ready at the instance is respectful to fellow team members and allows us to start soon. Of course, Warlocks can summon in emergencies, but please do not use our Agents of Evil (tm) as your personal taxi service! Our regular times are 20:00 which means every raid member is expected at the instance at 19:45 at the latest. The first mob should die at 20:00!
  • Sign up: Please sign up in advance on all the raids that are posted in the Events section of our website. This will make it much easier for the Raid Leader to build the raid and avoid recruiting PUG members. Even if you cannot make it, please consider signing up as "Not Attending".
  • Play your class: When you play your dungeons and have fun with one another, you will learn how to use your abilities and how to be succesful. It's a great tip to join a dungeon together with a more experienced member of your class and ask some pointers and look at what they do to be awesome. A team that plays together, stays together! So, do lots of dungeons with your guildies, it will form strong bonds of friendship, they are fun to do and you are getting stronger with each run!
  • Collect your Consumables: Please make sure to stock up on reagents before the raid and please make sure you have enough mana potions and health potions for some very long fights. it is also advisable to use flasks and elixers on fights that we are still learning. There are some secondary and tertiary ways to get health or mana during a fight and you can find them here:
  • Read up on the Fights: Our honorable Raid Leader does a lot of this for us and does his best to explain the fights to you and provide some words of wisdom. But, you are invited to do some research, read some guides, check Youtube, whatever works for you. The better you understand the fight, the quicker the boss goes down!
  • Prepare your gear: The gear we wear has massive impact on how well we do. Strong tanks don't die, well-geared healers keep us alive and dps with great gear kills the boss quickly! Please reach out to your class leader for some advice about your gear and where to get the best stuff that is out there. This way you look great and can perform awesomely. Collect a strong set with some alternative items that you can swap out and get your stuff enchanted. Please review this information:
  • Communication: During the raid itself we need some com-discipline. We will have the raid leader and a few others directing the fight verbally. This should be done in a calm, clear voice so everyone can focus on the fight. Tanks are expected to call out assists. In an emergency of course any member can speak to warn the raid, but keep it short and sweet! If you have feedback about strategy whisper them to your Raid Leader. If needed your suggestion will be implemented immediately, otherwise they should be discussed after the raid.
  • Class Communication: we have chat channels for the classes. Your Class leader (or assigned veteran) will be giving instructions and asking for feedback here. Please read this, follow the instructions and acknowledge so that the Class Leader is certain that you know what is going on. If you do not, please ask questions. You and your fellow class members will benefit a great deal when you are ready to engage and talk to one another!
  • DPS: As aggro can be very tricky among some bosses or trash we have to control our damage output and tank threat management. The tanks work really hard to keep the boss away from you, please respect their efforts by controlling your damage. Please wait for the assist call, which is normally done at 5 Sunder Armors (which you can see in the debuff slot of the boss).
  • Movement: The early Classic fights will not be very movement dependant but in Blackwing Lair, Ahn'qiraj and Naxxramas we will be moving around like bunny rabbits! Consider investing in a movement enchant on your boots and be ready for some pixel perfect movement. Certainly follow instructions. When the raid leader directs you to stand somewhere, please do so in as fast and efficient manner as possible. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time wipes raids!
  • Death: When death and destruction hits and we wipe, please start corpse running on your own accord, unless the Raid Leader tells you otherwise. We can lose a lot of time by lying around waiting for healers who have limited mana to rez us all and in many cases cannot even reach you.
  • Loot: When loot drops, the Master Looter will call out the item and which kind of people can roll for it (examples include: tanks please roll for item xx, healers please roll for item xx, physical damage dealers please roll for item xx, etc). That way we can ensure we get a strong raid. When others get loot, be happy for them and congratulate them! All of us got stronger, even if you did not get anything right now. Your shiney epics will come if we keep building our raid both in gear, atmosphere and team spirit.
The following Add-Ons will help you in the raid. These really should be downloaded to help us be succesful. You can normally download these through the Twitch App, or, if you are more old-fashioned manually put in World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\Addons.
  • Details!: This Add-On is a damage meter that can do so much more. It can show a lot of things, like healing, damage, raider specs, use of abilities, dispells, etc. All Details! Add-Ons of each participating player talk to one another to give us good information. This is not just a tool for the DPS hungry.
  • Details! Threat window: This links everyone's threat and you can see exactly how much threat you are generating. An amazing tool to ensure you stay low when you are not a tank!
  • Deadly Boss Mods: This Add-On will give you valuable warnings about what is going on, like incoming fireballs from Onyxia, upcoming fear, or warnings to run away when you are the Bomb in Molten Core. You can really only do without these if you are a pro. And pro's dont go without it for a reason :D
  • Decursive: This is an Add-On for all classes who can remove debuffs from other players (magic, curses, poison, diseases, charms) or remove buffs from mobs (Enrage). This is instrumental in some boss fights and very useful in all dungeons. Just imagine a 75% healing de-buff on the tank. If you don't see it and do not remove it, you will wipe. But if you have this, you will see it and can remove it in a second! Everybody lives and everybody is happy :)
  1. Curses are removed by Druids and Mages
  2. Diseases are cured by Paladins and Priests
  3. Poisons are cured by Paladins and Druids
  4. Magic debuffs can be removed by Paladins and Priests and Warlocks with the right pet (Felhunter/Doomguard).
Fire Resistance
It should come as no surprise that we need some Fire Resistance in Molten Core. I would suggest all players to ensure they have 100 Fire Resistance in their bags at least to put on when we find it is needed (a nice place to start is your Onyxia amulet, your Dire Maul class trinket and your Hydraxian Waterlords ring). For tanks, I would really suggest to load up on Fire Resistance and aim for 200 Fire Resistance at least. The guild crafters are banding together to help the tanks out to reach that.

Finally, please come equiped with a positive attitude to the raid night. We are here to enjoy ourselves, even if we need to take these bosses seriously. Come well prepared and eager for some fun and we will have a great time.

Now you know! And knowing is half the battle!

Hope to see you in the raids peeps!


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