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Molten Core!

Date: Dec 01, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Likhtirh
Category: Raids
Tank (3)

5. irrinae Warrior

13. Lizeta Warrior

23. Zaiman Warrior

Damage (20)

1. shadowthife Hunter

2. Thegirlswar Hunter

3. Jimmy Mage

7. Dunnin Hunter

8. Laripax Warlock

9. Likhtirh Hunter

11. Hanniball Warlock

12. Jenalyn Warlock

14. Alury Hunter

15. Vikingera Mage

16. Melissa Mage

17. Glimmerman Rogue

21. Roosevelt Mage

24. Embla Warlock

26. Slu Rogue

28. Tannia Warlock

29. Nanyah Mage

30. Drunkrogue Rogue

M. Freyadk Mage

M. Janwarlock Warlock

Support (11)

4. Scipia Priest

6. Silvergrove Druid

10. Arsts Paladin

18. Amillion Priest

19. Healing Priest

20. Norfirst Paladin

22. Tonso Priest

25. quelmia Paladin

27. Håwkon Paladin

31. Randoy Paladin

M. Haylinn Druid



Have to tug in the kids, so might be a couple of minutes late
Trying to leave work early, but not a promise will park char in front of mc raidready if theres still space
At work so might have to go afk at some time
Wow sub ends tonight, can't get it back until tomorrow morning.
I can't come today, have to do some real life gnoming :(
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